Five Beauty Hacks to Tame Frizzy Hair


 You work so hard to get your hair looking perfect, and it just isn’t fair that half an hour later you begin to spot those little flyaways. After an hour or two, those flyaways have multiplied, and next thing you know, you are dealing with full-on frizzy hair. At this time of year the colder weather, lower humidity, and harsh winter winds can play havoc with your hair too.

Here are five ways you can trick your hair into behaving, no matter what your day throws at you.

For Curly Hair: Style Your Hair While It’s Still Soaking Wet

If you have curly or very wavy hair, letting your hair dry naturally can sometimes allow your curls to literally blow apart. One way to combat this is to style your hair immediately after getting out of the shower. Apply styling product to your hair while it’s still dripping wet, and then use a diffuser on your blow dryer to help bring out your natural curls. Another tip: the less you touch your hair during the drying process, the better. Let the diffuser do its job.

For Straight Hair: Let Your Hair Air Dry Most of the Way

For straight hair, the opposite is true. Trying to dry or style your hair while it is still very wet is what can lead to frizz later on in the day. Taking hair from very wet to very dry requires a lot of heat. With straight hair, you simply do not have to apply so much heat to your hair, and in fact, doing so can increase flyaways, split ends, and frizz. Bring out the blow dryer only for the last 10 or 15 percent of the hair drying process.

Use Low Heat on Your Styling Tools

No matter what hair type you have, if you are prone to frizz, it may be because you are frying your hair. Use a lower heat setting on your styling tools to prevent that “crispy” texture that can so easily lead to frizz. You can also use a heat-protecting serum on your hair to further insulate each strand from the punishing temperatures of a straightening iron or blow dryer.

Use Conditioner Every Time

Even if you don’t wash your hair every day, you should still thoroughly wet it down and use conditioner. Conditioner helps to tame difficult hair, and skipping it can lead to unruly frizz and tangles. Ideally, you are looking for a conditioner that specifically adds moisture back into your hair. Use whatever brand you are most comfortable with, but make sure it says “moisturizing” somewhere on the label.

For Little Frizzies: Use a Mascara Wand and Hairspray

Let’s see if this sounds familiar: your hair is basically behaving itself, except for one or two annoying spots. When you get these tiny sections of frizz, you can spot-treat them by spritzing a small amount of hairspray onto a clean mascara wand, and combing it back down.

As the winter months approach, frizzy hair is more common. The relative humidity in the air is lower, you are more likely to be wearing hats or hoods, and winter winds can conspire to blow apart your ‘do. Use these hair hacks to combat frizz now, and throughout the year.


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