AirSnore Anti-Snoring Device

“This really worked for my snoring! I sleep way better now... and so does my wife.”

— Jonathan P., AirSnore™ Mouthpiece Customer

AirSnore™ Helps Open Airways For Clearer Breathing While Asleep

  • Naturally helps open airways
  • Supports easier breathing while asleep
  • Helps improve sleep quality
  • Comfortable & easy-to-use
Product Details

AirSnore™ Mouthpiece ends snoring without the surgery! It is designed to be worn while asleep, and works by moving the jaw to help clear airways for easier, smoother breathing and a much better night’s rest.

AirSnore™ Puts A Stop To Snoring— Instantly!

Sleep Health

Improves sleep quality


Promotes easier breathing

Restful Sleep

Wake-up feeling refreshed

Improves Relationship

Partner will love the peaceful nights’ rest, too!

AirSnore™ Is Great For

Reducing Snoring

Clearing Airways

Improving Sleep Quality

Couples Where One Snores

How To Use

AirSnore™ Mouthpiece is designed to be used whenever you want to sleep peacefully minus the snoring.

Step 1

Prepare the AirSnore™ mouthpiece mold with hot water.

Step 2

Mold the mouthpiece to your mouth.

Step 3

Wear it as you sleep for easier breathing and better rest!