“Har Vokse Hair Spray has made my hair look so much healthier!"

— Kerri R., Har Vokse Hair Spray Customer

Helps Nourish & Strengthen Natural Hair

  • Nourishes & moisturizes scalp
  • Targets hair loss issues w/ nutrients
  • Stops signs of hair thinning
  • Works for men & women of all hair types
Product Details

Har Vokse Hair Spray uses a blend of natural ingredients to help nourish, strengthen, and thicken your natural hair, while also improving hair growth and color.

Enjoy A Thicker, Fuller Head Of Hair Today

Hair Regrowth

Natural ingredients support natural hair growth

Promotes Hair Strength

Helps keep hair anchored

Prevent Hair Loss

Thicken & strengthen hair proteins

Boost Confidence

Turn heads in every room

Har Vokse Hair Spray Is Great For

Hair Nourishment

Hair growth

Dry scalp issues

Overall Hair Health

How To Use

Har Vokse Spray is formulated to be used on a daily basis to help support long-term hair benefits, including looking and feeling incredible with a thick, full head of hair!

Step 1

Apply Har Vokse Hair Spray to your hair twice daily.

Step 2

Massage the formula into the scalp and then style your hair as normal.

Step 3

Support a healthy, full head of hair with daily use.

Ingredients List