AirSnore Anti-Snoring Device
AirSnore Anti-Snoring Device

AirSnore Anti-Snoring Device

Improve Your Sleep Quality

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Immediate Effect

Stops Snoring

No Pain Or Discomfort

Low-Cost Solution

No Special Fitting Required

Poor quality sleep doesn’t do anybody, including yourself, any favours if you snore throughout the night. The AirSnore Anti-Snoring Device is a special mouthpiece that allows you to breathe freely while you sleep, stopping you from snoring so you can wake up refreshed and ready to face the day!

- Angela MacRitchie
Certified Herbalist, Nutritionist and Naturopath

Say Goodbye To Loud Snoring

Simple, Effective Solution

Good Sleep Is Important

How Does the Airsnore Anti-Snoring Device Work?

How Does the Airsnore Anti-Snoring Device Work

Quite simply, the AirSnore mouthpiece moulds itself to the inside of your mouth and once correctly in place, it moves your jaw a little to open the upper airway and allow you to breathe more easily. Without restriction, there is no longer any vibration set up as you breathe in and out, causing you to snore. Peace at last for anyone around you and a peaceful, restful sleep for you too.

The AirSnore mouthpiece is easy to fit to your mouth before you use it for the first time. Let it stand in hot water for a few minutes to soften, then following the instructions carefully, place it inside your mouth and bite down on it while it cools and moulds itself to the inside of your mouth in an exact fit. Not quite right? Don’t worry – you can start again. If it is uncomfortable in use, moves once in place or otherwise doesn’t seem to be doing its job then simply repeat the process until it is perfect.


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The 1st thing that got me interested in Capsiplex was the fact that it was all natural and that there was no side effect. It actually works. After trying for 3 weeks and losing 3 pounds I have just ordered 3 more bottles! Hope that the weight loss continues.

- Alice

I would most definitely recommend this to anyone trying to lose weight! Since I started using this supplement I’ve been losing about 3 lbs per week average. I’m however going to the gym to speed up the process but all in all ….I’m happy.

- Chloe L.

I’ll have tons of energy, go for miles of walks and actually went up to sprinting. After weeks I got slimmer and trimmer. (I am now maintaining my weight). I am pleased to say it has no side effect whatsoever, best of all IT’S ONCE A DAY. That fits in well with my 12hr shift.

- SBK Kent