Capsiplex Sport
Capsiplex Sport
Capsiplex Sport
Capsiplex Sport

Capsiplex Sport

Thermogenic Pre-Workout

30 Capsules
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With 60 Day Money Back Guarantee


Banishes Fatigue
During Training


Maintain Fluid & Electrolyte Balance

Fires Up Your

Increase Your Workout Motivation

Capsiplex Sport safely increases your metabolism and boosts energy while you exercise. You’ll feel fired up, making it easy to go longer and harder when training than you ever have before. It’ll help you develop lean muscle whilst increasing endurance and strength.

- Angela MacRitchie
Certified Herbalist, Nutritionist and Naturopath

Torch More Calories

Build And Tone Your Shape

Boost Energy and Motivation

What's Inside?

Capsicum Extract

Capsicum Extract induces a reaction in your body known as thermogenesis. This increases your metabolism, similar to how your body naturally does so during exercise. You might find yourself breaking more of a sweat when you work out with Capsiplex Sport


A study at the University of Maribor found that L-arginine enhances physical performance and improves muscle tolerance under physical stress. Although the body can produce L-arginine, it’s quickly depleted during exercise because the body can’t keep up with demand. With Capsiplex Sport, your body will have the L-arginine levels necessary to thrive.


This is the active component of black pepper. Research shows that it increases bioavailability, ensuring more of the active ingredients in Capsiplex Sport can be released into your body to work their magic.


Capsiplex Sport contains about as much caffeine as a large cup of coffee. Research shows that only low doses of caffeine are needed to increase endurance levels. What’s more, a 6-month study of 167 participants found that daily consumption of a supplement containing caffeine promoted body weight and fat reduction without significant side effects.


Gives you the push you need to get through even the toughest workouts. Niacin, also known as vitamin B3, helps convert the body into fuel and energy. It also allows the body to more efficiently use fats and proteins, fueling your workouts better than ever before!


Don't take our word. See what our loyal customers say about our products.

The 1st thing that got me interested in Capsiplex was the fact that it was all natural and that there was no side effect. It actually works. After trying for 3 weeks and losing 3 pounds I have just ordered 3 more bottles! Hope that the weight loss continues.

- Alice

I would most definitely recommend this to anyone trying to lose weight! Since I started using this supplement I’ve been losing about 3 lbs per week average. I’m however going to the gym to speed up the process but all in all ….I’m happy.

- Chloe L.

I’ll have tons of energy, go for miles of walks and actually went up to sprinting. After weeks I got slimmer and trimmer. (I am now maintaining my weight). I am pleased to say it has no side effect whatsoever, best of all IT’S ONCE A DAY. That fits in well with my 12hr shift.

- SBK Kent