Yacon & Detox Combo

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Burn Fat and Sustain Your Weight Loss With the Colon Cleanse Combo Pack

Burn more fat
Lose weight in a safe, natural way
Prebiotic effects improve digestion and metabolism
Rich in antioxidants and dietary fibre
Improve energy, alertness, and focus
Suppresses appetite and eliminates cravings

Cleanse Your Body and Lose Weight the Natural Way

It’s almost impossible to find all the benefits you need for immune health and safe weight loss in one product, let alone two. But with the Yacon & Detox Combo, you’ll have everything you need in just two supplements, both of which are completely free from caffeine.

Jumpstart your weight loss efforts the right way with Detox Pure, a digestive cleanse that eliminates unwanted toxins while helping your body mobilise stored fat into energy. Complement this with Super Yacon to enjoy natural weight loss by suppressing your appetite, increasing your fibre intake, and enjoying a prebiotic boost for better digestion and an increased metabolism!

If you’ve been struggling to lose weight, have a difficult time controlling your appetite, or are ready to provide your body with the antioxidants and nutrients it needs, this 2-in-1 pack is the perfect solution!

The Yacon & Detox Combo contains::

Detox Pure – Detox Pure offers a full digestive cleanse of the colon, liver, and intestines to eliminate toxins, boost immune health, and deliver a powerful dose of antioxidants to the body. This is the perfect start to your weight loss efforts or to reclaim your energy and vibrancy!

Super Yacon – Powered by fructooligosaccharides, an imitation sugar, Super Yacon delivers you fibre and healthy prebiotic bacteria while suppressing your appetite, improving your digestion, and increasing your metabolism. This eliminates the need for countless supplements and gives you a natural, safe solution for weight loss.

Is Yacon & Detox Combo for you?

Q. Why should I purchase a combo pack?

A. While Super Yacon is considered an “all in one” supplement for weight loss, using it with Detox Pure is a great way to prepare the digestive tract and amplify weight loss results. By purchasing both products as a combo pack, you’ll save money while getting better results with the same amount of physical activity and effort.

Q. How do both supplements help me lose weight?

A. Detox Pure cleanses your digestive tract, helping your body break down stored fats into energy. Super Yacon takes advantage of this cleansed state to boost your metabolism, suppress your appetite, improve digestion, and increase your metabolism. When used together, both products ensure your body is performing at optimal levels to complement your weight loss efforts, delivering quick results. And best of all, unlike most other products designed to help you lose weight, both Super Yacon and Detox Pure are caffeine free, meaning you won’t experience any of the unpleasant, jittery side effects you would get from other supplements.

Q. Why is it important to use supplements with antioxidants?

A. Antioxidants are integral to weight loss and fat burn, especially as we age and our metabolism slows down. To prevent excess fat storage as we age, Detox Pure delivers a powerful dose of antioxidants to eliminate toxins and help the body mobilise stored fat into energy. Super Yacon also increases your metabolism, giving you better results than if you were to use Detox Pure alone.

No Fuss, 60 Day Guarantee

You can purchase the Yacon & Detox Combo with confidence because it’s backed by a no-risk, no-hassle 60 day money back guarantee!

The Yacon & Detox Combo – Eliminate Toxins and Sustain Healthy Weight Loss

  • Detox the Digestive Tract
  • Increase Metabolism
  • Lose Weight Safely and Naturally
  • Burn Stored Fat


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